Tom Gotsill is a Cape Cod writer and educator who can’t quite escape his Jersey Guy instincts. Those include his pull-no-punches observations of a nation operating under the influence of the benighted and ethically impaired. See Tom’s essay and op-ed collection, Logos/Ethos, to enter the world of this genetically predisposed skeptic.


Had Tom been born in another time, one ideally suited to his world view, it would have been The Enlightenment. Most Logos / Ethos pieces  illustrate his interest in the preservation and advancement of reason, virtue, freethought, the protection of civil and human rights, education and civil democracy (assuming an adequate philosopher-king cannot be found).



Tom is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and is an active playwright. He is a repeat-winner of the Jeremiah Kaplan Award for New Plays presented by Eventide Theatre Company, Cape Cod: To Be in the Game (2011) and Colonel of Reason (2018).


Visitors to our website can find Tom’s biography, the Logos/Ethos collection, a blog, information about engaging Tom as an educational consultant or public speaker, as well as a link to purchase To Be in the Game as either a Kindle download or Amazon paperback book. You can contact us at tomgotsill@yahoo.com.


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Note: The Logos/Ethos essays are uploaded from time to time. The first date the reader can see does not always correspond to the date that the piece was actually written.  Ignore this first date and see the second date, found at the beginning of the text, to read the essay in its appropriate context